is 3:30 too…. late to start drinking

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cute date idea: let me sleep in your bed for hours on end because I’m tired of being a person

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*gets on modcloth*

thats a nice shir- dont have my size

thats a nice dress- sold out

thats a nice cardi- hasnt even been released yet

literally what please stop you guys are never prepared

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also im kind of bummed because usually aacc lets you into your classes the weekend before they begin (online classes ofc) and its super handy because you can kinda dip in and see what books you abso need and get loose ends tied up before the actual class starts, also because it lets you get ahead on those bullshit intro assignments you always get

anyway they have a new online learning platform this year which looks p cool but also i dont think it launches until actually monday. boo.

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god i was literally so exhausted when i came home that i passed out for five hours and now im awake but i still feel meh but i dont want to fuck up and drink coffee or anything but ugh

i feel like the human embodiment of humidity. just gross and sleepy and meh

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Mitch Hedberg

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the worst thing you could probably ever tell me is that you ever stepped foot onto St Mary’s campus because now I know you I know your family and off in the distance ken benjes is screaming, “HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING, IS THIS A SCAM, YOU DIDN’T EVEN GO THERE”

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getting seriously annoyed with people expecting me to have this full life with like a multitude of hobbies and friends and interests

my interest is fucking school and i have to work, i don’t have time for hobbies. i deserve to unwind in a non constructive way and frankly i can’t afford to go pick up some great skill.

seriously fuck off talking to most people is exhausting and then being held to this erratic standard of being absolutely busy all the time is horrifying?

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im surprised that you’ve never been told befooooo-ore
that you’re perfect
yeah you’re holy

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i can’t believe lost girl is talking about red cap fae right now, this show is the real deal

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i want to throw out every single stick of furniture in this room and make something better for my sisters and me

there is a way to make this place better

i just need some things to get out of my way

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i forgot about my spanakopita in the oven and burned it up
i have never felt more defeated in my entire life

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holy shit my ear has randomly been hurting all day and i dont think i can handle an ear infection on top of everything else right now

i also had to take my goddamn nose ring out AGAIN because it got infected AGAIN which is all the evidence i need to admit i just cant have one and im going to stop putting myself through the heart ache

oh right and my right arm has been spasming for weeks out of nowhere and thats going to be just so great once school starts up and im typing all the damn time

im bummed im not excited to go to work tomorrow because it would be cool to feel positive about like a single thing 

on the bright side, i havent spent any of my leftover money from this last check and im really hoping i’ll be making some steps towards saving because ive never felt the need to move out like i do now. i need something that is all mine, something to invest myself in. school works for now but i need something more personal.

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remaking maybe 


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